This portrait of Happi was made between Christmas and New Years.

Unfortunately, due to probable underlying medical issues, Happi developed some mood and behavioral problems. It was with a heavy heart that we decided to return him to the shelter. We hope the information from his stay with us will aid the shelter in obtaining the proper care for him and placing him in a good home.

Meet Happi

Heading into the Christmas week, we emailed the coordinator at the animal shelter offering to take another dog before Christmas. We were given the choice of two dogs. One was another pit bull who would have been a lot of fun. The other was described as a new dog who was very shy and having a difficult time at the shelter. We took the second dog, Happi.

Happi was fearful from the moment we met him. It took three of us to get him in the car. He didn’t fight us; he was just resistant. Once home, he began circling the kitchen table endlessly. We never thought he’d stop. He was overly alert and spooked easily. By Christmas Eve, the pace of circling had slowed. He began to lie down behind my wife‘s chair during meals. He also started to make brief excursions into the living room.

By Christmas, the circling was almost gone. Happi began to lie down on the living room floor and play with toys. Unfortunately, he remains hyper vigilant and startles easily. We hope with time he learns to trust us as well as others. Meanwhile, it’s made for an unforgettable Christmas.