Lake Potanipo via The Crystal Ball

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an image of a flower taken through a magnifying glass (see below). I’d seen Lensballs advertise on social media but they were expensive. The Lensball costs $44 and then there is a special holder and a better bag…yada, yada, yada. My friend Lois, told me she bought an “imitation” Lensball (aka copy, fake, knock-off, wanna-be) on Amazon for $20. Actually, she got three in different sizes for that price. I bought one plus a bag and stand for $18. (BTW – Lois has a very fun blog that you can find here .)

Using it is not as easy as it looks. (And there are a million YouTube videos that make it look easy.) I’ve tried a few different things and the image above is the best I’ve done. There have been a few attempts that did not work out. It’s something to play with. I have ideas for other shoots, so stay tuned.

Sailboat at Rest

This sailboat was in the mill pon in Harrisville, NH last weekend.

The “one that got away” today was an image of a bear. Our neighbor texted that a black bear was leaving her yard and heading to our house. By the time we got to the windows, it was long gone. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife this summer. Getting a decent image is always a challenge.

Greenfield-Hancock Covered Bridge

This bridge was difficult to shoot because the light at either end was not great and the riverbank was not accessible for taking pictures from the side. After playing around with it for a bit, I made this HDR image of the bridge’s interior. Look at that post and beam work. Isn’t it beautiful? Using HDR allowed the interior of the bridge to be lit without overexposeing the opening at the far end. There is an exterior photo below.

What’s in Bloom?

Let’s see what is in bloom in my wife’s garden this week. This purple and white Iris is looking good. These came from my brother-in-law’s yard last year and they seem to have taken well.

This white Peoply is also in bloom. There is a red one that is beginning to bloom and may be in a future post.

Hopefully, I can update you from time-to-time as more flowers bloom inthe garden.