Christoph 32

My friends in Germany work in emergency services. I’d long heard of the ADAC rescue helicopters and watched videos of their landings and take offs on YouTube.

Imagine my surprise when my hosts looked at their phones over breakfast the first morning and announced that Christoph 32 was inbound to their neighborhood.

My friendS knew where to look to see it. She spotted it well before me. It landed in the vacant lot next to their home. One of my hosts drove the paramedics to the patient a few blocks away while the pilot stayed with the helicopter and chatted with us.

Gasthaus Bonschab

I was in Germany last week. It’s a long story, but twelve years ago I made a friend online. We often wrote and spoke but had never met she got married to a wonderful man last Saturday. They invited me to come to the wedding and stay with them. The Tuesday before the wedding I arrived in Munich and we had an early dinner at this restaurant.

Milford Freight Depot

Despite living less than ten miles from this location, I only found it last week while trying to find a short cut.

The old depot is now a garage that specializes in restoring Ford Mustangs. I looked at a website featuring fully restored 1960s Mustangs. They cost over $200,000.

This image is odd because the window and wall look so old while the door looks like they installed it last week.