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Madame Sherri’s Castle

Once upon a time in the southwest corner of New Hampshire, a costume designer from New York, named Madame Antoinette Sherri, built a lavish summer home in which she hosted wildly expensive parties for her friends. But, eventually the money ran out and she abandoned the home. It fell into disrepair and over 50 years ago, it burned to the ground, leaving only the beautiful field stone staircase and foundations. Today it is the Madame Sherri Forest, conservation land with wonderful hiking trails.

Waterfall and The Shire: Before and After


This is the last of the shots from the editing session with our photo group. The original shot is below. Also, a couple of people yesterday commented on the realism that I like to create vs. the otherworldly look some people strive to achieve. The final shot below is more otherworldly in nature and is an effect with these woodland shots that our instructor calls “The Shire”. It is included just for fun.

Original Photo
Waterfall - Original

The Shire
The Shire Shot

To enhance the photo, the following changes were made to the original using Lightroom:
– The photo was cropped and possibly straightened (not the most important in this shot)
– A custom white balance was created, though I’m not sure why. I may have hit the slider by mistake and not put it all the way back.
– The overall exposure and contrast were increased
– Shadows and blacks were increased to lighten them
– Clarity and vibrance were increased
– A graduated filter was employed to reduce the over exposure on the top. Even after this was done, the tree and foliage on the far right was still over exposed, so a radial filter was used to decrease the exposure on this area. I considered using the same technique to decrease the exposure of a section of waterfall but decided not to.

To get the shire effect, turn the clarity all the way down.

Cabin in the Woods

On some conservation land in our town, there is a cabin situated between an old rock quarry and where a train line once ran. Recently, I hiked in there, sharing the old rail bed with snow mobile riders on their sleds. It is not so picturesque but there were some things inside that made for a few interesting still life photos. It was a good place to play with lighting and angles. Here are a few shots.

On a Winter’s Night

Frozen Pond

Frozen Pond

Over the past year, I’ve explored making photos at night. On a recent hike, it occurred to me that the ice and snow covering a local pond was essentially a huge reflector. So what would it look like when the moon is full? Tonight we had the confluence of a full moon, fresh snow and decent temperatures. I strapped on my snowshoes, grabbed my photo gear and tried making a few images.

Winter's Night

Night Path

Night Path