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Old Sturbridge Village in Winter – Part II

This is the other gallery of images that I made when we visited Old Sturbridge Village a couple of weeks ago. With warmer temperatures and some rain, the snow is quickly melting. We may finally get some spring image in a week or two.

Ice Fishing Derby – Part II

This represents the rest of my images from last weeks Ice Fishing Derby. I happen to be passing by when this girl pulled a pickerel (fish) up through the ice. She was so proud. The temperatures have gone way up since Sunday, I have no idea how good the ice is now.

Blanketed in Snow

Last Sunday, Boston was blanketed in snow. Despite frigid temps and a bit of wind, people were out enjoying the day, yours truly included.

Boston Winter

Boston Winter is new this year. It is Boston’s answer to the holiday market idea. There is a huge skating track, lots of gift chalets, food for sale, and separate tents for wine tasting, a beer garden and hot chocolate. It opened on the Dec 7th and we went down to take a look last evening. The gift chalets are due to close after New Years, but the rest will remain open until the end of February. I have never seen this section of Boston look better.

Morning Sun

And after several trips between Starbucks and the docks (only 100m apart), the sun was finally out. This is likely when I felt the coldest because I kept walking around trying to get the best possible images. I made these images, warmed up a bit in Starbucks and headed for home.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Blue Morning-3

When it gets bitterly cold, there can be an effect called Arctic Sea Smoke in which the cold air and warmer ocean water cause mist to come off the water. With temps of -5F/-22C yesterday morning, I ventured down to Boston to make some images. The Boston Harbor Hotel offered a great back patio area from which to shoot and a Starbucks in which to warm up. This is one of the images I made while waiting for the sun to do its thing. That tower in the background is the control tower for Boston’s Logan Airport.

Thank you to meteorologist Harvey Leonard for his help in planning this shoot.

Icy Odiorne Point

Heading north on Route 1A on the New Hampshire coast, just before Portsmouth, you come to Odiorne Point State Park. With a rocky coast and nature trails, it is ideal for exploring tidal pools and nature trails. On this day, there was ice in the tidal pools and the nature trails were full of people with snowshoes and cross country skis.

Closed for the Season

Across from the ocean at Hampton Beach is a row of restaurants, shops, arcades and lodging…all of which was closed for the season on Sunday…even McDonalds. All boarded up, you can see the snow piled up to the rooftops.