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Doane’s Falls

Yesterday, I explored Doane’s Falls, a series of five waterfalls along a brook in Royalston, Massachusetts. It is part of the state parks system. Trails bring you along the falls and into hiking trails that eventually lead to a reservoir and dam. My wife and I had planned to explore some waterfalls when I returned from Central America last summer, but I came back to a drought. We’ve had some good spring rain to feed these falls.

Rocky Gorge Waterfall

Not a big waterfall, but since becoming acquainted with Toby Gant’s photography which features amazing shots of waterfalls in the mid-Atlantic and Southern parts of the US, I’ve wanted to try using a polarizing filter and tripod to slow the shutter speed a bit. Those of you unfamiliar with Toby’s work can find it here: http://tobygant.wordpress.com/