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Waterloo Bridge – Warner, NH

From the Dalton bridge, it was a short drive to the Waterloo Bridge which is one of the older bridges dating back to 1840.  It’s been rebuilt twice, once in 1857 and again in 1970.  The state did work to improve it again in 1987.

For some reason, I only came away with three images of this bridge.  I spent a lot of time there but most of it was trying to take a photograph downriver where water flows over a small dam.  It would have been a pretty image, but the brush was overgrown, and the riverbank was steep.  There was no way to get the image without swimming or a boat.

Dalton Covered Bridge – Warner, NH

From Hopkinton, I drove to Warner, NH which has two covered bridges.  This is the Dalton Bridge.  It’s one of the oldest standing covered bridges in use today.

It was built over the Warner River in 1853 by Joshua Sanborn at a cost of $630.  George Sawyer and Walter S. Davis built the abutments. 

Sunlight coming through the slats created this pattern on the floor of the bridge.
The beams in the bridge are numbered.
And there was also a bit of grafitti