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Sunday Morning Shoot

My first day here, I made some photos in the plaza and market. When Marina, my Salvadoran life-coach and landlady, and Joaquin saw them, they cautioned me to not have my camera out in the downtown lest it get stolen. This caution was repeated for the first few weeks that I was here.

But the market area has the shots that I really want. Risks can be managed. Sunday morning, I went to the market as the vendors were setting up at 6:00. My theory is that thieves are essentially lazy and that they are still sleeping at this hour. I also believe that they would rather steal in a crowded market where they can blend in than stand out early in the day.

Even Joaquin and Marina could not argue with this logic. Both laughed in acknowledgment of my Yankee wisdom. These images and the ones from yesterday were the ones I made that morning. At last!



This is Alfredo. He is a vendor selling belts in the park. On Saturday when I took photos there, he seemed to be trying to get my attention. I went over and asked if I could take his photo. He agreed and liked what he saw on the screen on the back of my camera. Later he came over and chatted with me. He speaks no English and I don’t understand everything he says but he likes talking with me. And I like talking with him. He does not try to sell me. And he told me he is there daily.

Sunday, I had this image printed and found him in the park to give it to him. He seemed pleased and proud to showed it to his two friends, also vendors. Now, I have three friends. The park is near the school and I can stop buy on my break to chat a bit. It is not deep conversation. They are curious about life in the US. I have enough language skills to ask about their families and such.