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USS Constitution Sunrise

This is from an early morning shoot either last summer or the year before. Currently, the USS Constitution is running a daily live tour on Facebook at 10:00 EST. If you attend, you can ask questions via the comments. Another possible way to occupy yourself or the kids. Search USS Constitution in FB to find it.

USS Constitution – Bowsprit

When I visited the USS Constitution last summer, it was on a very crowded day. It was a challenge to get good photos on board with all of the people. Instead, I focused on details like this image of the bowsprit. That is the part that projects out from the front of a ship. I liked the symmetry of the image and how the eye moves around to take in different parts of the scene.

Gun Deck

This is the gun deck of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat in the world and America’s ship of state. The Constitution is rated as having 44 guns. Guns is the naval term for cannons. Some of the guns on the Constitution could shoot at a range of 1200 yards, typically outdistancing their opponents.

Celebrating George Washington’s Birthday.

Today is George Washington’s birthday. He was born on this day in 1732. That’s 288 years, for those of you who are wondering. The USS Constitution had a 21-gun salute to President Washington on Presidents’ Day this past Monday. I visited to take some pictures and was allowed to photograph from the gun deck. They used a single cannon and fired it 21 times. This is an image of one of the crew firing the cannon. Other crew members and guests also fired it. There is a short video below.
Click here to see the video.