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Lowell Scenes

Some picturesque scenes from Lowell during last week’s folk festival.

Painted Box Car

This is the final photo from the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum. This is the coolest looking old box car ever with this very artistic paint job.

Trolleys: Old and Worn

The Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum aspires to restore restore additional trolleys. They have several old trolleys on tracks on the property and have built a new “car barn” in which to work on them. Even in their old and worn condition, there is still a beauty to them.

Red Caboose

The Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum also restored this caboose for visitors to tour. As a boy, the caboose was my favorite car in my toy train set. Placed at the end of the train, it was a shelter for the train crew; and from the cupola on top, they could keep watch to make sure there were no problems with the cars. This shows not only the exterior of the caboose but also the interior quarters and the view from the cupola.

They also had an old hand operated pump car used by maintenance crews to reach sections of tracks. These are often seen in movies (Oh Brother Where Art Though) and Warner Brothers cartoons, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in real life, let alone had an opportunity to try it out. Photo credit to my wife for that image.

Antique Trolley

While visiting Shelburne Falls, we stopped up at the Trolley Museum. A trolley line ran until 1928 and then the trolleys were sold for salvage. This trolley car was bought by a local farmer. He wanted it because his father courted his mother in it. It sat in his fields until 1990 when a local group bought and restored it. This was the beginning of the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum. It runs on a quarter mile (half a kilometer) track for people visiting the museum. We found this and several other photo worthy subjects at the museum. More to come…

Open Doors Manchester

Open Doors Manchester is an arts and culture tour being held three times this year. A number of museums and galleries are admission free, have special exhibits and/or serve refreshments for the evening. The trolley, pictured here and yesterday, makes a circuit of all of the places that are participating.

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Conductor by Christopher OKeefe
Conductor, a photo by Christopher OKeefe on Flickr.

The first person I encountered today was Chuck a barista at Starbucks. This trolley conductor in Lowell is not Chuck but he is the closest resemblance I have to him in my collection.