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Daily Prompt: Fright Night

I took the photo of this rather frightening creature at the Tower of London, where he was perched on a wall above where you passed to go to the WC. In addition to him, they have a similarly sculpted full sized tiger and an elephant’s head. At one time, these animals roamed the grounds of the Tower of London until being taken away to start the city’s zoo.

Daily Prompt: New Internet Order

Beefeater by Christopher OKeefe
Beefeater, a photo by Christopher OKeefe on Flickr.

Of all my photos (U.S. Capitol, Parliament, military processions), I choose this Yeoman Guard (aka Beefeater) who led our tour of The Tower of London to be Leader of the Internet.

He maintained order, kept us all well informed, and made sure we had a good time; the perfect qualities for Leader of the Internet. Pointing like this, he even looks like he has vision of a great future.