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Parker River Wildlife Refuge Observation Tower

I got the concept of this image two years ago while cycling here. It is one of our favorite places to bring our bikes. I thought that this observation tower would look great in silhouette at sunset. The problem is that the gate to the refuge closes at some point around sunset. Supposedly, the gate will automatically open for exiting vehicles, but I was a bit skeptical. I parked in nearby Newburyport and cycled the 6 miles to the refuge. I figured that if the gate was closed, I could get out along the beach. It was a nice evening for riding, though fewer bugs would have been nice. And the gate did not shut before I exited.

Tobin Bridge

This is the Tobin Bridge as seen at a sunset a few weeks back. As a photographer, I have fun studying maps and figuring out interesting places to make images from. I thought this bridge would look nice at sunrise or sunset if I located the right spot. I found a small street corner at the water’s edge in East Boston from which to make this.

Over Boston – Sunset

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went up to the observation deck in Boston’s Prudential Building. Here is a bit of what we saw.

Hollis Orchard at Sunset


Last week, I posted the easiest image I’ve recently made; it was a cardinal and I made the image from our living room. This is a close runner up. I was driving home at sunset and saw the sun setting over the orchard in Hollis. I parked on a side street and walked in to make this and a few other shots that I will be sure to share.