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Boston Inner Harbor Sunrise

I chose this image of Boston’s inner harbor for today’s post because the harbor will be anything but quiet today. A parade of tall ships is arriving for a five-day stay in Boston. The list of ships is long and they are expecting two million people to view the parade. As thrilling as that would be, we had already opted for a charity bicycle tour in another part of the city. With any luck, we may get down to Boston sometime this week to see some of the vessels.

Hollis Morning

Hollis Morning

My supply of images for Milford Street is getting a bit low. I need a good (not freezing) shoot this weekend. This is an old shot, an accident really. My friend Isi texted me, asking what I was doing. I was in a bank parking lot in Hollis, NH. I quickly snapped this with my iPhone and just really liked the outcome.

Morning Sun

And after several trips between Starbucks and the docks (only 100m apart), the sun was finally out. This is likely when I felt the coldest because I kept walking around trying to get the best possible images. I made these images, warmed up a bit in Starbucks and headed for home.

The Charlestown Bridge

Charlestown Bridge

Since 1900, the Charlestown Bridge has carried traffic between Boston’s North End and Charlestown. For those who have seen the Ben Affleck movie The Town, this is the bridge the police try to close down to prevent the bank robbers from getting away. It only has another year left. It is scheduled to be replaced next year.

Old North Church in Sihlouette

Old North Church
One of the most famed and historic churches in U.S. history. The number of lights hung in the tower signaled the militia as to whether enemy troops were approaching by land or sea.

One (light) if by land,
Two if by sea.

Bragging rights to the first person who can say the number of lanterns hung as a signal.

Evolution of a Sunrise

Evolution of a Sunrise 1

Going out for a sunrise shoot is pretty much summed up by Forrest Gump’s saying “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”

When I went to shoot this sunrise along the Massachusetts coast in September, it was hard to tell if it would be great or too cloudy. You can see over the four shots that the sun slowly peeked out from the space in the clouds. Just gorgeous. Definitely worth being the first one out of bed that day. Cheers!

Evolution of a Sunrise 2

Evolution of a Sunrise 3

Evolution of a Sunrise 4