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Sledding Party

One of the other events from our little town’s Winter Carnival was a sledding party. The town closed down part of one of the streets that has a huge hill and they dumped snow from a nearby school parking lot onto the road and patted it down. This required some rather large equipment. Then families lined up to sled (and snowboard) down the hill. By the next morning, the town had cleared the snow away again.

Pickety Place

Pickety Place is a restaurant and shop over in Mason, NH that specializes in food and other things made and flavored with herbs. In summer, their gardens bloom, but snow brings a certain charm also.

Blanketed in Snow

Last Sunday, Boston was blanketed in snow. Despite frigid temps and a bit of wind, people were out enjoying the day, yours truly included.

Out in the Storm


My break from school ends on Monday. Over the past four weeks, I’ve tried to get out on a variety of shoots to get a bank of photos to choose from over the upcoming weeks. It’s difficult to get out to make photos when I’m taking classes. Some shoots were successful and others not so much. I wanted to go to a living history museum this weekend for photos in the snow, but a warm rain storm put an end to those plans. On the other hand, a trip to southern Maine during a warm spell last week provided me with a ton of images.

This was the easiest image to make. I took it in my stocking feet from our living room during a storm. The poor cardinal did not have it so easy, but he left our yard well fed.

Winter is Coming

Monday brought our fist bit of snow that stuck and made the world look so pretty. I was not able to get out that day, but did go out on Tuesday and made these images on my local hiking trails. It’s getting a bit colder, but we just have to remind ourselves that is what happens around now and pull out our sweaters and warm gloves. And now that the semester has ended, I can say/sing:

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

For those of you who mistook the title thinking this would be a Game of Thrones post, here is something for you…the other kind of Snow

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