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Custom House Wharf

My wife is very patient. I always want to go down weird alleyways and explore the docks. We found this wharf during out visit to Portland, Maine. It is a working fishing wharf with some great old signs and scenes.

The Signs of Portland, ME

Some signs along the streets of Portland, Maine.

Portland, ME

Even though the temperature is currently 18F/-8C, it was close to 60F/16C a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I took a drive up to Portland Maine to look in the shops and have a bit of lunch while enjoying the pleasant weather. Here are a few images. BTW, we had lunch at The Crooked Mile, whose signboard is pictured above. It is a coffee and sandwich shop that locals frequent and made the most amazing salads.

I Saw it on Margaret Street

A bit of fun today. While strolling through Boston’s North End on Sunday morning, I glanced down Margaret Street pictured below and spotted an old-fashioned “Rooms to Let” sign. As I explored the street, I saw more vintage signs and props. It is all a gag to add ambiance. This street has no businesses; it is all residential. But for a few moments, it feels as if you’re stepping back in time.

Bromfield Street

Back when I worked in Boston, I enjoyed visiting Bromfield Street with it’s watch repair shops, stores selling pens, camera shops and Sherman’s Luggage Store. Many of the stores are gone but some landmarks remain, though they have been upgraded a bit. Sherman’s closed but their name remains in the pavement.

Charles Street Signs

Charles Street is one of my favorite places in Boston, mostly because it feels like a real neighborhood and it has a great vintage look to it. Last week while visiting Boston, I noticed that most of the shops have signs hanging on brackets above their doors. Many depict objects that are associated with the shop’s business. Here are some of my favorites.

Signs from Boston’s North End

As I walked into Boston’s North End neighborhood just before dusk, I struggled with what to try to capture. It is a very distinctive neighborhood. For me, the signs became the thing that stood out at that hour.