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Who Is That Masked Man?

On Sunday, I stopped in Franklin, NH looking for a covered bridge and spotted this rather large brightly colored fellow in the center of town. He is wearing a mask so as not to contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and holding a test tube in his hand. (I presume it’s a coronavirus test.) I snapped a pic and then walked up behind him. Can you guess what he is made from?

Yes, he’s made of old kayaks. The city is on the Pemigewasset River and is a haven for river rafters and kayakers. It’s good to see such creativity at work.

Foliage Along the Nashua River


Last Sunday, I pulled over by the side of the road to make this image (made and edited in my iPhone) along the Nashua River in Hollis, NH. Wind and rain had caused us to lose much of the foliage, but this spot still looked quite nice.

As a bonus, say hello to my little friend. He is a porcupine that I’ve met a few times while hiking. He lives around an often traveled pathway along a dam on the conservation land near home. He is rather cute but is low on the cuddly scale. This was also made with my iPhone from about ten feet away and then cropped to enlarge him a bit. Sorry, that it is a bit grainy.