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Last Friday, the school held the coronation of the Reina de las Flores (Queen of the Flowers). It is an annual event and the Queen and her court ride in the parade in September. The girls started and ended the day in very pretty dresses, but a creative and no less pretty touch came mid-day. All of the girls made dresses from recycled materials, including plastic bags, newspapers, empty snack bags and balloons. Here are a few images.

Recycling here is different from the US. There are some, not a lot, of recycling bins, sure. But really, people use and repurpose things endlessly. Just because something is slightly broken and not quite functional does not mean you throw it out. I had trouble finding scrap card board for a project because people use it for other purposes. When my big quart container of yogurt was empty, my landlady happily accepted the empty container to reuse to store things in. The pan we use to heat water for tea or coffee has no handles. We just use a towel as a pot holder to pick it up when it’s hot. Reusing and repurposing is alive and well down here. It is an economic necessity. The people are as innovative and creative as the girls who made these dresses.