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Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil

In Prague, people touch the Statue of Saint John of Nepomuk to have a wish granted. Wishes, though, are only granted if kept secret.

Note: Saint John of Nepomuk was executed for not revelaing to the King the details of his wife’s confessions.

Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

I really regret that I left so little time to explore Prague. We had less than a day there and I feel like there was so much more to see.

Journey to Poland

Chocoffee: Wroclaw Poland

Chocoffee: Wroclaw Poland

This spring I spent almost two weeks in Poland. Part of my family emigrated from Poland, and I’d never really been in touch with my “Polish roots” as compared to the Irish side of my family. A friend, who I had met online, invited me to visit her and her parents in Wrocław Poland. It was a great experience. I learned some of the Polish language to be able to converse with her parents and with her help contacted someone in one of the towns in which my family had once lived. It was a very powerful and emotional evening, seeing the places my family lived and having the parish priest interpret their archival records regarding my family from Latin to Polish and later to English.

In addition, we visited Krakow, Gdansk and the castle at Malbork. To prepare for the trip, I had taken a photography class back to learn to better use the Canon dSLR, I’d purchased. I brought a small tripod with me to experiment with night time photography. We both enjoyed it so much and had such fun with it, that I ended up purchasing a full sized tripod during my trip. This led to us having some very late nights getting photographs. In addition to Poland, we also visit Prague in the Czech Republic and Dresden Germany.

I hope you enjoy a sampling of these photographs.