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Bob Houses (not Bob’s house)

Perhaps the greatest form of self-expression of the ice fisherman is his (or her) bob house, the little hut dragged or wheeled onto the ice in which they can keep their gear and kep warm until a flag goes up on he tippet. So many choices: size, type of material, how to stay warm, design, color. Some people spent Friday night in their bob house to be ready on Saturday morning. Here are a few of the images from the houses out there this weekend. BTW, all bob houses have to off the ice before March 31st to avoid a bobbing bob house.

Why call it a “bob house”? According to http://www.goodtoknownewengland.com/, there are various theories. To quote, “There are various theories: they could be named for the bobsleds that some used to bring their shacks out onto the ponds, or because “bob” is an old-fashioned term for short or small (as in bobtail or bobbed hair), or because your shanty will be bobbing in the water if you leave it out on a lake too long.”

Heading Out on the Ice

Setting Out on the Ice

Despite a small-ish overnight snowfall, it was a glorious day with temps about 39F/4C. Driving around with my camera looking for places and people for photos, I found the ice rink and conservation land virtually empty. It turns out, everyone was on the lake. With all that sun and the snow reflecting the light, it was actually warm there. I saw one guy hand angering a whole for ice fishing wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Some people were riding their sleds (snowmobiles), or ice fishing or just soaking up the atmosphere. This family was heading out from the parking area.