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WPC: Under Your Feet

Under My Feet - The Freedom Trail

Boston was a rebellious city in the 1770s and served as the flash-point igniting the revolution for our independence. In the 1950’s people got the idea to link 16 historic sites from this era together in a meandering walking tour called the Freedom Trail. In my time, the trail has been marked by a painted red line, shoe prints painted on the sidewalk and today, a brick path like this in the North End.

Has anyone out there walked the entire Freedom Trail?

WPC: Symbol

A collection of symbols with no rhyme or reason…perfect on a Friday night.

Cheers and Happy Weekend =)

WPC: Off-Season

These were first posted some months ago when our coast was buried in snow. Now this area is full of people running around in bathing suits and there is a sand sculpture competition this week.

WPC: Forces of Nature

These images are so old, they go back to when I only shot with my iPhone. Nonetheless, when we visited Iceland three years ago, I was fascinated with the glaciers that could move huge mounds of dirt and calve off huge chunks of their ice into lagoons.

Note: The aerial image is of Greenland which we flew over on the trip home.