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A Tale of Two Towers

Slaters Mill Twin Towers

The tower with the bell is at the top of Slaters Mill. It told the workers when to begin and end work. The story we heard is that the workers noticed the bell would be rung a bit early to start work and a bit late to end, thereby extracting an extra 15-30 minutes of work with no additional pay. So the workers took up a collection to build the second tower across the river and topped it with a clock thereby helping to keep the mill owners a bit more honest.

Falls at Slater’s Mill

Falls at Slaters Mill 2

Yesterday we bicycled a rail-trail from Woonsocket to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, stopping at Slater’s Mill. This was the first water powered cotton-spinning mill in the US, courtesy of Slater’s industrial espionage to import a bit of British technology. The mill itself in undergoing a bit of preservation and currently surrounded in scaffolding.