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This is Alfredo. He is a vendor selling belts in the park. On Saturday when I took photos there, he seemed to be trying to get my attention. I went over and asked if I could take his photo. He agreed and liked what he saw on the screen on the back of my camera. Later he came over and chatted with me. He speaks no English and I don’t understand everything he says but he likes talking with me. And I like talking with him. He does not try to sell me. And he told me he is there daily.

Sunday, I had this image printed and found him in the park to give it to him. He seemed pleased and proud to showed it to his two friends, also vendors. Now, I have three friends. The park is near the school and I can stop buy on my break to chat a bit. It is not deep conversation. They are curious about life in the US. I have enough language skills to ask about their families and such.

Welcome to Santa Tecla

I am alive and well and living here in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. I spent the weekend getting to know the city. There are traditional markets with individual stalls in which you can buy one type of item (clothes, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc) and a supermarket that rivals anything we have in the US. Walk down any street and you’ll find a pupuseria, making the national dish, pupusas; or perhaps a panaderia selling fresh baked goods. Often these are set up in the front of people’s homes. I’ve learnt how to get from the house where I am staying to the school in which I’ll teach and to the local markets. I’ve eaten way too many times in my neighborhood and need to branch out a little bit.

Today, I thought that I would show you a bit of one of the central plazas called Parque Daniel Hernandez. It is hot in Santa , and I decided to hang out here on Saturday afternoon to take advantage of the shade and cool breeze. A few hundred locals also showed up. Among the crowd were people selling food and clothing. An ice cream cone is $.35, but there is only Neapolitan flavor. You can buy belts, boxer shorts, shirts and socks.
Hanging out, I got to meet some of the locals. I’ll introduce you to one tomorrow.

FYI – My internet access is very spotty. If you comment and you don’t hear back from me right away, my apologies.


Parc du Mont-Royal

Looking Out Over Montreal

To the west of downtown Montreal is Parc du Mont-Royal or Mount Royal Park, a 233 m (764 ft) hill or mountain that in a park designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. On a beautiful Saturday in the fall, it seemed everyone in the city wanted to climb it and spend time at this belvedere and chateau looking out over the city. The last time we were here, you had to walk the switchbacks up to the top. Now, you can climb the steps and greatly hasten your ascent.

The Chateau

The Story of Champlain

Relaxing in Adirondack Chairs

Inside the Chateau

View Throught The Foliage

Climbing Mount Royal

Brooklyn: Under the Bridges and Along the River

Yesterday’s post of the Manhattan Bridge caused me to think about that evening. With the crunch for space in New York, including Brooklyn, the space under the bridges and along the river has become an area for fun and recreation. Under the Manhattan Bridge itself were food stands and a play ground. The area is so attractive with the bridges and the Manhattan Skyline in the background that there was a photographer out making engagement photos. After our shoot was over, I walked along Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Promenade. Pier Two sticks out into the East River. It is not used for loading ships but has handball courts, basketball courts and a roller skating rink. Further up, people were out on a warm night having picnic s and cooking out. Even at 10:00 at night, it felt safe. It’s a part of Brooklyn that I don’t know how many visitors experience, but it gave me a better appreciation for the borough,