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Traffic Light

Traffic Light

We saw this traffic light in Canajoharie, New York. You don’t see many like this, positioned on the ground in the middle of an intersestion. It was a challenge to photograph it so that it stood out from its surroundings and yet was in context. Ultimately, the best way to achieve the effect that I wanted was to desaturate everything in the photo except for the traffic light.

Empire State Plaza

Jeffrey Hardware

Jeffrey Hardware - Utica NY

Some building seem to demand to be painted. This one, in Utica New York, was one such building. It was taller than anything around it, had the sign painted on a significant portion of the side, and contrasted well against the sky. I was compelled to stop and make an image or two and chose it over others to post today.

Sears Service Station

In 1930, H.P. Sears opened this gas station in Rome, NY. It provided gas and other services to the local citizens until the 1970s. Rather than sell the property, the family kept it boarded up until 2006 when they restored it and opened it as a museum to show the way service stations once looked. It is a fun stop to make as you travel through upstate New York.

The Erie Canal Today

In the early part of the 20th century, technological improvements allowed the Erie Canal to be rerouted through rivers as it traversed from Lake Erie at Buffalo to the Hudson River to the east. That canal exists today as part of the New York State Canal System. It is a much larger canal than the old Erie Canal and serves mostly recreational boaters and tour boats, though some cargo still flows along the canal. At times, our cycling path met up with the modern canal. Here are a few photos.