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Peace Out, New York

Peace Out

Having shot at this location early in the morning, I returned again to see what it was like in the evening. The light was different and there were more people but it is still a good shot. There was a photographer there with this model making some photos. She quickly flashed a peace sign for him. It was so great, that I heard my mouth say the words, “Can you do that again please?”…which you really don’t with another photographer’s model…but she did…and voila.

Thank you…whoever you are.

And this concludes my NYC series. Tomorrow, back to New England. I’ve already made a trip to Cape Cod = and have some shoots planned for this week. Cheers =)

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal (aka Grand Central Station) is a crossroads with people coming and going. We showed up at a relatively quiet time (Sunday morning) but we had a photography permit, which allowed us to use tripods in the iconic train terminal. These are a mix of images made with the tripod and handheld with a higher ISO.

MTA: The New York Subway

Bryant Park NYC

After leaving the frenzy of Times Square, a friend and I headed off to find another location. It was hot, and we were tired. The cool and calm environment of Bryant Park totally derailed us from our destination. Located near the library, it stood in contrast to Times Square. Instead of crowds and hustle, there was calm and community. The park provides all the materials for the Bocce players, board games and even juggling apparatus. A small cafe offered cold drinks and small plates of food. And there was a carousel for the children.

New York’s Finest


On the recent NYC Photo Weekend, I wanted a good image of a New York City police officer. It was the last morning and I didn’t have one. I mentioned this to another member of the group and she pointed to this officer walking up our street. We walked over, explained we were a part of a photo seminar and asked if we could take a few photos. He was so nice; even putting on his cap for us. The yellow of the taxi in the background was a bonus.

Central Park

People really seemed to enjoy the image of the Hansom Cab that was posted here on Monday. Here are some color images of other scenes from Central Park…once again, it was the people who drew me in.

Times Square – The People

The people were the most interesting part of Times Square. And not the costumed performers trading photo ops for tips. It was the incongruous sightings. The boy scout troop that marched through the square. Or the ballerina having a friend make photos of her for some promotional material. It was the people who made it interesting.

Times Square – The Place

Times Square, the busiest of crossroads in Manhattan and the heart of the theater district, is just overwhelming. There is so much happening, perhaps too much. I came back with so many photos, that I thought, I’d use today’s post to show you the place. Tomorrow, we will get to see some of the people who show up.

9/11 Memorial

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, we walked a few blocks to the 9/11 Memorial. There are two of these pools, one in the footprint of each of the towers, with the names of those who died etched in the stone. It includes those in the towers and planes as well as the first responders. Birthdays and anniversaries are marked with a rose.