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Mi Colonia – My Neighborhood

Time to show you where I am staying. Our area is pretty good. It is common for small shops to share space with dwellings. There are a lot of security gates and such.

The first three shots show the Pupuseria Merliot across the street from where I live. They are a nice family trying to make a go of it in a place in which every street has a little restaurant selling pupusas (stuffed tortillas). They wonder why I don’t eat more pupusas.

Next is a shot of Taco Loco and I live in the casita to the left. Taco Loco does a great business. Between this and the pupuseria, I am never hungry. You can see a couple of the guys who work there. The next shot shows the side of the street where I live.

Next is El Comedor de la Ahijada de Marina. My landlady works here. You can get a nice lunch for a few dollars. There is more variety than the pupuseria.

After that, you can see a small convenience store. Unless they can afford security, small tiendas like this usually work through a grate of some sort. Finally are shots of out local pharmacy and bakery. Bakeries are almost as common as pupuserias here.

Welcome to the neighborhood!