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Winter is Coming

Monday brought our fist bit of snow that stuck and made the world look so pretty. I was not able to get out that day, but did go out on Tuesday and made these images on my local hiking trails. It’s getting a bit colder, but we just have to remind ourselves that is what happens around now and pull out our sweaters and warm gloves. And now that the semester has ended, I can say/sing:

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

For those of you who mistook the title thinking this would be a Game of Thrones post, here is something for you…the other kind of Snow

Sourse: Google images

Foliage Along the Nashua River


Last Sunday, I pulled over by the side of the road to make this image (made and edited in my iPhone) along the Nashua River in Hollis, NH. Wind and rain had caused us to lose much of the foliage, but this spot still looked quite nice.

As a bonus, say hello to my little friend. He is a porcupine that I’ve met a few times while hiking. He lives around an often traveled pathway along a dam on the conservation land near home. He is rather cute but is low on the cuddly scale. This was also made with my iPhone from about ten feet away and then cropped to enlarge him a bit. Sorry, that it is a bit grainy.

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge

I made this image last weekend for a friend down in the Dominican Republic who had never seen a beaver lodge before. Here, you see them in just about any body of water. This one is a few miles from our house. I took his early in the morning hoping to see its occupant swimming around the pond. Unfortunately, while I got up early with my camera, he decided to sleep in.

Daily Prompt: Progress

Stump by Christopher OKeefe
Stump, a photo by Christopher OKeefe on Flickr.

What would I like to see when I look back on my blog next year? More local shots.

Last year was a great year for travel, but lately I’ve heard many seasoned photographers urge not to miss to beauty closer to home. I am experimenting with that a bit.

This was taken at the conservation land near our home.