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Glouster Fisherman’s Memorial

Glouster Fishermans Memorial - BW

Looking out over the sea in Glouster, Massachusetts, the inscription reads: “Memorial to the Glouster Fisherman, August 23, 1923” and “They that go down to the sea in ships 1623-1923.” It was designed by English sculptor Leonard F. Craske (1882-1950).

Boston: My PhotoWalks Challenge

Part of being a photographer, whether amateur or professional, is learning to see; to be able look at the same thing that everyone else looks at and find a way to make a compelling image. Having spent most of my life in the Boston area and feeling like I know most of it well, I decided to book a tour with PhotoWalks in order to both assess and challenge my ability to see. I wondered whether they could show me shots that I’d not considered in my previous travels. Some of the areas we went to were well known to me and others were less familiar. Over the next week or show, I’ll show you images from the tour and discuss my experience.

I met Saba, the founder of PhotoWalks at the Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment . I’ve walked by this sculpture dozens of times and have even previously photographed it. But Saba has been doing this for thirteen years. She encouraged us to get away from showing the whole and focus on the sections and even the small details, like the drum. Here are six of the images I made; some with suggestions from Saba. As a reference, I’ve included below a complete photo of the sculpture. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Lesson learned: For large complex scenes, there can be value in looking at parts and using unique perspectives rather than trying to show the whole.

For those of you planning to visit Boston and are interested in going out with PhotoWalks, please go to http://www.photowalks.com.



9/11 Memorial

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, we walked a few blocks to the 9/11 Memorial. There are two of these pools, one in the footprint of each of the towers, with the names of those who died etched in the stone. It includes those in the towers and planes as well as the first responders. Birthdays and anniversaries are marked with a rose.

Nott Memorial at Union College

This 16-sided building at Union College in Schenectady, NY is dedicated to Eliphalet Nott who served as the college president for 62 years.