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Fall in the Berkshires

These images were made last week at Hancock Shaker Village in Western Massachusetts.

Old Stone Church


The Old Stone Church sits on the bank of the Wachusett Reservoir. To provide the city of Boston with water, dams were built and entire communities disappeared as reservoirs formed. The Old Stone Church was a part of one community. It stands but the community moved on. Today the church is part of a park and is on National Register of Historic Places.

Citizen Soldier


The actual title of this statue is Minute Man by Daniel Chester French. It is at the Old North Bridge in Concord Massachusetts. The minute men were the local militia who faced off against the British regulars in our Revolutionary War. The soldier pictured here is the epitome of the citizen-soldier with one hand holding his flintlock musket and the other resting on his plow.

Glouster Fisherman’s Memorial

Glouster Fishermans Memorial - BW

Looking out over the sea in Glouster, Massachusetts, the inscription reads: “Memorial to the Glouster Fisherman, August 23, 1923” and “They that go down to the sea in ships 1623-1923.” It was designed by English sculptor Leonard F. Craske (1882-1950).