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Portland Wall Art

This mural graces a walkway/alleyway in Portland, Maine. Portland is, as you would expect, a seaport city and the mural likely was intended to capture a bit of its history. In one corner of the mural is reads “mikerichdesign.com”

Custom House Wharf

My wife is very patient. I always want to go down weird alleyways and explore the docks. We found this wharf during out visit to Portland, Maine. It is a working fishing wharf with some great old signs and scenes.

Shipwreck & Cargo

Shipwreck & Cargo is a quirky souvenir shop near the docks in downtown Portland, Maine. They have the usual things, hats, sweatshirts, shot glasses… They also have a life-sized pirate at the front door and a few other things that are a bit extraordinary. If you’re ever in Portland, Maine (right coast, not the one in Oregon (left coast)), look them up.

The Signs of Portland, ME

Some signs along the streets of Portland, Maine.

Portland, ME

Even though the temperature is currently 18F/-8C, it was close to 60F/16C a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I took a drive up to Portland Maine to look in the shops and have a bit of lunch while enjoying the pleasant weather. Here are a few images. BTW, we had lunch at The Crooked Mile, whose signboard is pictured above. It is a coffee and sandwich shop that locals frequent and made the most amazing salads.

Merry Christmas from Nubble Light

The other evening, a couple of friends and I headed up to York, Maine to make photos of Nubble Light. It sits just off the coast and was decorated for the holidays. It was a cold night (19/-7 F/C), so we took a few photos and then headed for some dinner in nearby Portsmouth, NH. Merry Christmas to all.

Memorial Bridge

Memorial Bridge

Last Sunday, my plan was to make an image of this bridge from the west (thereby facing east) and have it in silhouette. However, all of the places for making that shot on the Portsmouth side of the river were fenced off. Perhaps, I can make another trip and cross over the bridge into Maine to get that shot.

Fort McClary

On the way to Ogunquit a couple of weeks ago, I met people from my local photo group at Fort McClary in Kittery, Maine. Here are a few of the images from that shoot. There were a pile of granite blocks scattered at the base of the hill on which the fort sits. We are not sure if they were part of a defensive works or not, but they looked like giant toy blocks.

Marginal Way – Ogunquit Maine

Just north of Perkins Cove is Marginal Way, a walk that follows the rocky coast up to Ogunquit Beach a mile or so away. It is a great place to walk and watch the sea pound the rocks and see birds play on the air currents. Some people venture out on the rocks to play or have their lunch. This day, the pleasant spring weather drew many people to this path.