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Lowell Folk Festival – Scenes from the Street

Dancing at the Lowell Folk Festival

With all of the wonderful music, people can’t help but dance. Here are a few images.

Lowell Folk Festival Musicians – Part II

Musicians from Saturday and Sunday at the Lowell Folk Festival.

Lowell Folk Festival – Opening Procession

It is time again for the Lowell Folk Festival. These images are from the opening procession on Friday night, led by the Aqua String Band, followed by groups representing various ethnic communities in the city.

Lowell’s Southeast Asian Water Festival

Each August the Southeast Asian community in Lowell holds a water festival in a park along the river. Part fair and part competition, you can learn about Southeast Asian culture, eat some wonderful food and watch the boat races. Here are a few photos from yesterday.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Yes, A Streetcar Named Desire is a play by Tennessee Williams, but the title comes from streetcars running along the “Desire” line in New Orleans’ French Quarter. This restored 1924 streetcar is on loan to Lowell, Massachusetts.