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Lowell Folk Festival – Scenes from the Street

Dancing at the Lowell Folk Festival

With all of the wonderful music, people can’t help but dance. Here are a few images.

Lowell Folk Festival Musicians – Part II

Musicians from Saturday and Sunday at the Lowell Folk Festival.

Lowell Folk Festival Musicians – Part I

Images of some of the musicians from the Lowell Folk Festival that my wife and I attended this past weekend.

Street Photography: Beer Garden

Lowell Folk Festival  - Beer Garden

Lowell Folk Festival – Beer Garden

This was another of my early attempts at street photography at the Lowell Folk Festival. One thing I like about it is with looking at the clothes of the man no the left, this could have been taken many years ago – though the sign in the background for a $6 beer and the other man’s camo pants are a bit of a give away.