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Boston’s North End at Christmas

The other evening, a friend came with me on a shoot. We ended by 7:30 but the evening was so nice that we decided to drive over to the North End for some additional shots and some cannoli. These are the images from that shoot; the cannoli is history.

Small Scale


The past couple of days, I’ve posted images of some gorgeous Christmas lights in Boston. Today, I show you our little lights. This is the first year we’ve ever had lights outside. We bought two string of white lights and wrapped them around the split rail fence around the side flower garden. After running outside to plug them in at sunset and unplug them before bed, I splurged and purchased a device to do the turning on and off for me…a wise investment.

Paramount Theater

Christmastime at Brookdale Fruit Farm

I’ve had so many posts lately from Boston, that you might forget that Southern New Hampshire is home. These were made at Brookdale Fruit Farm in nearby Hollis, NH. Yesterday’s image of the Christmas trees sale was also made here. Once the farm machinery finishes the harvest, the farm workers decorate them with lights and wooden reindeer. They not only sell trees but also wreaths and other greenery as well as wonderful food inside.