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Merry Christmas from Nubble Light

The other evening, a couple of friends and I headed up to York, Maine to make photos of Nubble Light. It sits just off the coast and was decorated for the holidays. It was a cold night (19/-7 F/C), so we took a few photos and then headed for some dinner in nearby Portsmouth, NH. Merry Christmas to all.

White Island Light

White Island Light

The last of my lighthouse images (for now) this one will require a boat to get this close. According to the Portsmouth, NH website, it “flashes a brilliant white beam every 15 seconds and, in foggy weather, sounds a horn every 30 seconds.” However, we were there on a clear day and still heard the horn every 30 second. There is a catwalk between the house and the light. The guide told us that it keeps getting washed away by storms and needs to be rebuilt. I’m not sure why they rebuild it because the light has been automated since 1896.

Whaleback Light

Whaleback Light

If you’re on the coast and can see the lighthouse I showed yesterday, chances are, you can also see this lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor. It sits out there on a rock, all alone. I’ve also shown this one before, but was able to get much closer to it last week on the ferry.

Whaleback Lighthouse

Whaleback Sepia

The top photo is for my friend Sarah who said that yesterday’s photo reminded her of the work of the early photographer Gustave Le Gray. He did wonderful B&W and sepia tones images, often of the sea. I re-edited today’s photo to mimic his style. Sarah’s wonderful art can be seen here: https://secretartexpedition.wordpress.com/

The bottom photo is for Teri who spotted Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance in yesterday’s image and asked about getting a better view. Teri is a photo buddy and her work can be seen here: https://imagesbytdashfield.wordpress.com/


Portsmouth Harbor Light

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse 1

With good weather yesterday, I headed to the coast to make some photos and get back to using new materials. My plans were to visit a WWII fort and the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. The government had other ideas about my visiting the lighthouse. It sits on a Coast Guard Station and was off limits today. I’d visited last summer and noticed a way to the light house along the beach. I made my way over there and well, the image below shows how well that worked. Luckily, I had a tele-zoom lens with me and could make some images from a far. Cheers!

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse - No Go

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

For the past few days, I’ve been hinting around and showing glimpses of the lighthouse I visited last Saturday. Here she is along with images of Fort Constitution next to her.