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Lightsabres for Sale!

Get Your Light Sabres
Every parade and other big public event draws the carts brimming with toys for sale. Children pester the parents and if they are lucky, their parents will buy them a toy. When we were young, we always had better luck when we were with our grandparents. Of course, the hit toy right now is the lightsaber, which looked quite nice on New Years Eve.

Sunday in the Studio

I attend a monthly seminar through a local photo studio. April through December, we take a trip someplace for a shoot; sometimes the ocean and other times Boston or the mountains. During winter, we work in the studio. Our instructor is a well established photographer, specializing in portraits. This month, he focused on lighting a still life in the studio. I may never try to do this, but what I gain from this is a wonderful lesson on light, how it affects an image, and how to make better in shots both in the studio and out. Someone like me may never place a studio light or reflector to better light a situation, but I might move or move my subject so that the light is more pleasing.

Christmas on Elm Street

Last spring, I completed a photo project capturing life on Elm Street in Manchester, NH. I’d promised a friend to make some images of the Christmas lights along the street. Here they are. They are a bit grainy, because I cheated a bit and did these by hand-holding tha camera and using a high ISO, rather than using a tripod. What can I say…it was cold, damp and windy and I can only suffer so much for my art – lol.

Traffic Light

Traffic Light

We saw this traffic light in Canajoharie, New York. You don’t see many like this, positioned on the ground in the middle of an intersestion. It was a challenge to photograph it so that it stood out from its surroundings and yet was in context. Ultimately, the best way to achieve the effect that I wanted was to desaturate everything in the photo except for the traffic light.