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Beacon Hill Halloween

The people living on Beacon Hill, you have very little space to “strut their stuff” for the holidays. But these folks are creative. From window boxes, to balconies, to Louisburg Square, they found ways to decorate and have fun. I just wish I could go in Monday night and trick-or-treat.


Each Halloween, Lull Farms Farm Stand carves up the remaining pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns to be lit on Halloween night. Here are some of last night’s selections.

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts – Part 2

Here is another collection of photos from Halloween in Salem.

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts – Part 1

Due to Salem’s infamous yet popular historic witch trials, the city has been associated with witches and horror in general. Rather than recoil from this reputation, they embrace it with a month-long celebration of Halloween that culminates in a giant carnival feel on Oct 31st. We attended yesterday, roaming the streets and just soaking up the atmosphere.