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Groveton Bridge – Northumberland, NH

This is the bridge I almost missed.  When I planned these shoots, worked from a list in the state’s guide New Hampshire Covered Bridges.  I obsessed over it and thought I had all of them but I missed this one.  The ironic thing was that I obsessed over the list because I didn’t want to drive three hours to an area and later discover that I’d missed a bridge there. That was almost exactly my fate.

This is a different angle inside the bridge. Because of the low slope of the arch, I walked up it to take this shot.

I was saved by the fact that this bridge is right next to the main route through the area, U.S. Route 3.  I passed it on my way north to Pittsburg and then again on the way back.  Something didn’t make sense, so I checked the list from my phone and found that this bridge was indeed on the list.  

This was taken using the supports as a frame.

According to the state book on these bridges, “the bridge was built by Captain Charles Richardson and his son. When U.S. Route 3 was reconstructed in 1939, the Groveton covered bridge was bypassed.”

Groveton was one of the areas hard hit by the closing of paper mills in the North Country.  Diamond International Papers was a long time employer in the area.  The mill was sold in 2008 and then changed hands a number of times before closing.  There was talk of an LNG plant being located  there, as well as a biomass energy plant and selling the old mill for scrap.  I’m not sure of the status of any of these plans. 

The steam locomotive was used as a switch engine by another paper mill in the area, the Odell Manufacturing Company.  It was last used in the mid-1960s. The community decorates it every year at Christmas.