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Fill’er Up!

Along the shores of Lake Sunapee in Newbury, NH, is Gordon’s Mobil Pumps.

It’s easy to miss as you cruise along Route 103 towards Mount Sunapee, but keep your eyes to the right. It’s just down a side street leading to lake front cottages.

I couldn’t find out much about it. It is described on one website as a “preserved gas station.”

Gasholder House

For many years, I wondered about this seemingly abandoned and fenced off structure in downtown Concord, NH. I was told it was a gas holder house, which according to Wikipedia is a structure built to surround an iron gasholder in which gas is stored until it is needed.

One day last week after work, I stopped to make some images. The fence combined with a few trees and power lines, made getting good camera angles a trick but here is my best attempt. I also wondered what it looked like inside. These BW images are from the Library of Congress and included interior and exterior views.

Sears Service Station

In 1930, H.P. Sears opened this gas station in Rome, NY. It provided gas and other services to the local citizens until the 1970s. Rather than sell the property, the family kept it boarded up until 2006 when they restored it and opened it as a museum to show the way service stations once looked. It is a fun stop to make as you travel through upstate New York.