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What’s in Bloom? – June 30th

Our first Lily of the season.
Evening Primlsrose.

The Evening Primrose are taking a beating. We put the bird feeder on a tree branch overhead. The squirrels and chipmunks routinely feed from this feeder and will then jump down onto the flowers. Naughty little animals. Tsk, tsk.

Our main vegetable garden

Let’s not forget the vegetables. We have them in a few spots but this is the largest. My wife put down a biodegradable landscaping paper to keep the weeds down around the plants and then filled in with mulch around the borders. I took this on Friday and it’s already changed quite a bit.

Gardens of Marsh – Billings – Rockefeller National Historical Park

We really enjoyed the gardens at the Marsh – Billings – Rockefeller National Historical Park. Our favorite part was the sailboat sundial. Neither of us had seen anything like this before.

The Gardens at Saint Gaudens NHS

Guest Photographer: Celeste

Celeste's Flower

Today we have a guest photographer, Celeste, a student at the Centro Escolar Margarita Durán.

I had my camera out and she asked if she could use it. For me, that’s a bit like loaning out my right lung. But Joaquin assured me that she had taken a photo class sponsored by the city. I handed over my camera and she made a first shot of this flower. It had potential. I showed her aperture priority, how to dial down the f-stop, and increase the zoom to blur the background. The result, I thought, was pretty good. And so I thank Celeste for her contribution.

Beacon Hill Window Boxes

A selection of window boxes from Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood