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On Flags

Rugged Flag
Taken by the side of the road near Franklin, NH.

Occasionally, I’ll meet someone from another country who will say, “You Americans really like your flag. They’re everywhere.” I can’t argue with them. We love our flag. You see them on or outside of public buildings, but that’s to be expected. We also buy them and put them outside our homes and businesses. We wear them on clothes. We put them on our cars and trucks. We put them on just about everything.

A homemade flag at a small farm in Hollis, NH

My favorite flags are more the home-grown celebrations of our country.  I think it’s great when people make their own flag or paint it where you don’t expect it.  Some even to put elements of the flag on display in a show of patriotic pride.  I think it shows the character of the people who put those things out there for the world to see.

Along my cycling route in Milford, NH.

Yes, we really like our flag; no argument here. Happy Independence Day.

At our home….We also have a flag (or four) displayed.

Thursday Doors: Charlestown

Those of you who have visited the US know that we love our flag and its design. Here are a pair of doors in Charlestown. Charlestown, is a section of Boston; it’s to the north. Several crime dramas have been centered around here, most notably The Town with Ben Affleck. The area around the Bunker Hill Monument reminds me more of Beacon Hill than any of the scenes in that movie, though.

The Festival Begins

A parade led by the Original Pinettes Brass Band begins this year’s Lowell Folk Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts. (Lowell is about 30 minutes north of Boston.)

Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go…

When this photograph was made, I recall wondering what this man was thinking as he stood looking across the beach at the ocean. He seemed different from those around him who either moved along the sidewalk or sunned themselves on the beach.