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Ice Fishing Derby – Part II

This represents the rest of my images from last weeks Ice Fishing Derby. I happen to be passing by when this girl pulled a pickerel (fish) up through the ice. She was so proud. The temperatures have gone way up since Sunday, I have no idea how good the ice is now.

Ice Fishing Derby – Part 1

Last weekend was the annual Ice Fishing Derby in our little town. Actually, they had a three-day Winter Festival and the derby was part of it. It was the warmest derby that I have been to. It was nice not to freeze, but not many people drove their trucks out on the ice. As always, the people were friendly and having a good time.

Custom House Wharf

My wife is very patient. I always want to go down weird alleyways and explore the docks. We found this wharf during out visit to Portland, Maine. It is a working fishing wharf with some great old signs and scenes.

Got Clam Juice?

Got Clam Juice

This sticker was on the cabin of a fishing boat in Glouster Harbor. I like not only the sticker, but the textures and ruggedness of the boat iteslf.

Foe those who are wondering…”Clam juice is the broth obtained from clams. It is prepared using the liquid collected from steamed clams. Clam juice is used as an ingredient in various dishes, as a beverage that is drunk in its whole form, and as an ingredient in various beverages.” Source: Wikipedia

Brookline, NH Ice Fishing Derby – Continued

Life on the ice is pretty interesting. As you can see, there are many ways for people to decorate their bob houses, from signs to flags to lettering. And there is much to do, besides fishing. People have to chop wood for their woodstoves and do maintenance on their bob houses. The ice freezes around them, requiring them to chop them free with axes by the end of the season. Cooking is a big part of the day. It is like tailgating for a sporting event or concert. And there is traveling around on various vehicles…more on that another day.

Bob Houses (not Bob’s house)

Perhaps the greatest form of self-expression of the ice fisherman is his (or her) bob house, the little hut dragged or wheeled onto the ice in which they can keep their gear and kep warm until a flag goes up on he tippet. So many choices: size, type of material, how to stay warm, design, color. Some people spent Friday night in their bob house to be ready on Saturday morning. Here are a few of the images from the houses out there this weekend. BTW, all bob houses have to off the ice before March 31st to avoid a bobbing bob house.

Why call it a “bob house”? According to http://www.goodtoknownewengland.com/, there are various theories. To quote, “There are various theories: they could be named for the bobsleds that some used to bring their shacks out onto the ponds, or because “bob” is an old-fashioned term for short or small (as in bobtail or bobbed hair), or because your shanty will be bobbing in the water if you leave it out on a lake too long.”