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Monochrome Monday – Fire Escape

Pinkney Street - Fire Escape
As I said yesterday, I went on a photographic tour of my hometown of Boston, Ma with PhotoWalks to challenge my ability to make more compelling images.

As we strolled through Beacon Hill, Saba, our guide, seemed to know or be willing to talk to anyone there. As we passed by one apartment under construction, the door to the alley was open. She poked her head inside and began chatting up the workmen. She asked about what they were working on and how the buildings were laid out and such. And then she asked if we could have a peak in the courtyard. They let us come up to the space behind the buildings on Beacon Hill. You can see in the image how they are all connected and linked. The lines and angles made a wonderful image.

Lesson learned: Talk to people and be curious while making images. It can literally open doors for your photography.