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Italian American Band

St Anthonys Feast - Italian American Band

I managed to get in front the the Italian American Band while they were playing in place. As soon as I crouched down to get the shot, they started to move…towards me..more quickly than you think a marching band should move. I clicked and got out of there…and my wife laughed. 😀

St. Anthony’s Feast – Boston’s North End

St Anthonys Feast - In the Streets

Friday night, we went to Boston’s North End, a largely Italian neighborhood. In the summer, there are several festivals honoring different saints. Friday night marked the start of the largest festival, St. Anthony’s Feast. This is one of several streets that were closed off with booths were set up for the celebration.

Puerto Rican Festival Parade

At our monthly photo shoot last Sunday, we stopped at the Puerto Rican Festival in Boston, MA as the parade was coming down the street. Here are a few images.

Iskwelahang Pilipino

The Lowell Folk Festival has a number of food courts with ethnic foods cooked by local community groups as a fund raiser. The Iskwelahang Pilipino food tent always has the longest line and (in my opinion) the best food and most lively staff. These are a few images from this past weekend.