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Street Art: The Feast

This bit of street art graces the wall of a supermarket in Cambridge’s Central Square.

St. Anthony’s Feast – A Gallery

A final collection of images from last week’s St. Anthony’s Feast

Feast of St. Anthony

St Anthonys Feast - Statue Amidst Confetti
A big part of the celebrations of the saints is bringing the statue of the saint from the church or chapel where it is housed most of the year to be paraded through the streets and put out for everyone to see in a sort of open air chapel. This photo show’s the statue of St. Anthony after entering the streets of Boston’s North End. There was a blessing and then confetti and fireworks.

I share the photo credit with my wife on this one. The crowd was absolutely packed and she watched my camera bag and tripod while I waded into the masses. Somehow, we managed to find each other again later.

St. Anthony’s Feast – Boston’s North End

St Anthonys Feast - In the Streets

Friday night, we went to Boston’s North End, a largely Italian neighborhood. In the summer, there are several festivals honoring different saints. Friday night marked the start of the largest festival, St. Anthony’s Feast. This is one of several streets that were closed off with booths were set up for the celebration.