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Thursday Doors: The Door Table

I made this table from the old cellar door that was on our house. It had to be replaced last year and was partially water damaged. You can see the original door here. I liked the part that was undamaged and the vintage hardware. I cut away the bad material and built a frame to support the legs. To make the legs, I borrowed my father’s tapering jig and learned how to use it. It needed a bit of bracing on the legs. The base is made from recycled pallets that I get from a local ceramic tile shop. I cleaned up the metal parts of the hardware and repainted the black portions with glossy black paint.

Thursday Doors: Charlestown

Those of you who have visited the US know that we love our flag and its design. Here are a pair of doors in Charlestown. Charlestown, is a section of Boston; it’s to the north. Several crime dramas have been centered around here, most notably The Town with Ben Affleck. The area around the Bunker Hill Monument reminds me more of Beacon Hill than any of the scenes in that movie, though.

I See a Red Door….


Okay, this has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones song. Last spring, I posted a different image of the newsstand you see below. My friend Sarah saw a bit of red in the left side of the image and asked what was there. Of course, I then left for El Salvador for two months, so she waited…patiently. On my next Boston shoot (about three months later) I went by here again and found this lovely red door. It leads to the back of the Old South Meeting House.


Windows and Doors of Suchitoto

One of the appealing characteristics of Suchitoto is that all of the homes seem to have different styles and colors of windows and doors. Here is a sampling. Tomorrow, we can add a few people to the mix.