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The Pie Tour

On our cycling tour, the weather turned a bit cool and cloudy for a few days and one day was pretty wet. We found ourselves arriving in towns well before we could check into our lodging for the night, so we started finding local diners for a hot cup of coffee and a slice of pie. Over the course of the week, I had slices of peanut butter-chocolate, blueberry, coconut cream, cherry and apple pie. Good times. Here are some diners and I even managed to photograph one slice of pie before consuming it.

Cycling Oasis

Good Sign

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get.” – Forest Gump

Food on cycling holidays is like a box of chocolates. You never quite know what you’ll find (and usually want to have something in your pack in case you find nada). I’ve had some great meals, usually while in rural areas and getting to sample regional cuisine. This was our second to last night cycling around Lac San Jean in Quebec. I recall sitting out at a picnic table, having a burger and fries with a slice of tarte aux bleuets. I became very good at ordering dessert in Quebecois French on this trip.

Good Food