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Ice – Ice – Baby

First Night ice sculptures in Boston’s Copley Square

Dancing in the Streets

My wife had some things to do in Boston’s Back Bay on Friday, so I wandered down to Copley Square with my camera. These young men from New York City were entertaining the crowd with a bit of break dancing and acrobatics. They put on a good show. Enjoy!

Sunday Fun: Merge Ahead!

Copley Sq - Giant  Copley Paints Church

A bit of Sunday fun. A merger in photography occurs when a background object is directly in front or behind a subject. Usually our mergers are unsightly things, like framing up someone’s portrait to discover that a tree that appears to be growing from the subjects head. But this is a good merge, which is when the two elements merge in a fun way. Saba, the guide with PhotoWalks noticed that if you shoot a photo of the statue of John Singleton Copley from the correct angle, then it appears as if he is painting this church. While I’m sure the renowned Boston portrait artist often painted images of churches in his work, I doubt that this was what he had in mind. Cheers =)

Credit for merger definitition: http://www.ask.com/

Copley Square Images

From Boston’s Copley Square.

First Marathon?

Her First Marathon

Of the many images that I made at the finish line the day before the marathon, this is my favorite. The obvious centerpiece is this young girl on her mother’s shoulder, oblivious to all around her. But, if you scan the background, there is so much happening in the scene from the pair of people holding up a banner bearing the number 12 on the left to people spreading up into the bleachers in the far right. It really captures all of the activity leading up to the marathon in a great setting. Cheers.

Monochrom Monday: The Imitation Game ;-)

Old South Church

Last week, my friend Teri at Images by TDashfield, posted a very similar color photo of this church and asked if anyone knew which church in Boston it is. She’d taken the photo two summers ago and did not get the name. This is my take on Teri’s shot getting as close to where she’d been standing as I could based on her photo. She had wonderful colors in hers that I could not match, so I’ll go monochrome with my version.

And the name….see below.

Old South Church - Blessing of the Athletes


Copley 1

Copley Station was opened in 1914. This ornate wrought-iron head house next to the Boston Public Library was designed by the firm Fox, Jenny & Gale. Originally, it had light blue and white tile mosaic for the station name on the walls; however, none of these have survived.

I know Teri from Images by Dashfield posted a view of this, but I wanted to show a few angles of one of my favorite stations and a B&W format.

History of the station is from Wikipedia

Copley 2

Copley 3

Boston’s Trinity Church at Night

Trinity Church

During the day, Trinity Church in Boston’s Copley Square stands out as the old amidst the new next to towering sky scrapers. Late at night, things become a bit more hazy. It was difficult to get the old church to stand out more in this photograph, but you can still make out its lines vs those of modern buildings.