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Rowell’s Bridge

This is Rowell’s Bridge in Hopkinton, NH.  It was built over the Contoocook River in 1853 by Horace Childs and his brothers Enoch and Warren at a cost of  $300.25.  The bridge is 154 feet or 47 meters long. 

After it was built, someone drove a herd of cattle across it faster than  was advisable moving the bridge off its abutments or foundation. It had to be brought back into place and then securely fastened.

Around 1930, a support pier was built under the center of the bridge. Unfortunately, it was built a bit too high. This caused the bridge to teeter back and forth like the wobbly table at a restaurant. The top layer of stones was removed from the pier correcting the problem.

The view from the bridge.

The bridge was rebuilt in 1965 and then most recently rehabilitated  in 1982. It is reportedly named for Abram (or Abraham) Rowell, an early resident of the area. I had previously photographed this bridge but was not happy with the image. I visted this one while in the same area as three other bridges.

Daily Prompt: Perspective

This river’s edge view of the Old Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge in Contoocook, NH gives it an interesting perspective.

Covered bridges can be a challenge to photograph. Shots from either end get dull quickly and shots of the span of the bridge are often blocked by trees or debris.

For this shot, I bushwhacked down to the river in my dress shoes after work on Friday night.