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Otter Brook Dam: Before and After

Otter Brook Dam

On our recent group shoot, we stumbled on this dam and recreation area. It was one of those situations where you’re looking for one thing and find another. We entered below the damn and “wandered” up an access road to the top of the damn.

The shot out of the camera was not terrible, but the trees were a bit dark and the overall look was somewhat flat. (See below for the original shot). The instructor showed us how he edited it and he made it look a bit other worldly. I wanted the more realistic shot that you see above.

Otter Brook Dam - Original

To enhance the photo, the following changes were made using Lightroom:
– The photo was straightened (but not cropped)
– The overall exposure and contrast were increased
– Highlights was decreased to -99 (almost all the way down)
– Clarity and vibrance were increased
– Saturation was increased