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Citizen Soldier


The actual title of this statue is Minute Man by Daniel Chester French. It is at the Old North Bridge in Concord Massachusetts. The minute men were the local militia who faced off against the British regulars in our Revolutionary War. The soldier pictured here is the epitome of the citizen-soldier with one hand holding his flintlock musket and the other resting on his plow.

Street Lamps on a Foggy Evening

Street Lamps
A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was planning to stop downtown Concord, NH in the evening to make some photos of Christmas lights. When I got there a fog had rolled it. It was fun to play with the way the light reflected off of the fog. This was one of the images that I made that evening.

Gasholder House

For many years, I wondered about this seemingly abandoned and fenced off structure in downtown Concord, NH. I was told it was a gas holder house, which according to Wikipedia is a structure built to surround an iron gasholder in which gas is stored until it is needed.

One day last week after work, I stopped to make some images. The fence combined with a few trees and power lines, made getting good camera angles a trick but here is my best attempt. I also wondered what it looked like inside. These BW images are from the Library of Congress and included interior and exterior views.