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Christian Science Center – Boston Massachusetts


The last couple of days, I’ve focused on some smaller subject matter, so let’s go large today. Growing up, I did not spend much time in Back Bay. That’s the reason that most of the images of Boston on this site are from areas closer to the waterfront rather than Back Bay. It was not until high school that I even saw photos of this remarkable building. I worked in Boston during my college days but was a fair distance away from here. It was not until a few years ago when I started to explore more for my blog that I saw this building and the lovely plaza adjoining it. It is a lovely building but not always easy to shoot when I show up there, either due to construction or lighting issues. I happened to catch it just right this past Monday while walking in Boston.

Note: I’ll be spending time with family the next couple of days but will catch up with all of you sometime on Sunday. Cheers!