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Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail

Here is a fun gallery from our vacation. The Delaware and Raritan Canal used to by a major artery for commerce, back when goods were shipped by canal. Now it is a recreation area. People kayak and canoe in the canal and others walk, run and bike the trail along side the canal. We were staying in Princeton, NJ and were able to go off cycling on two different days. The first day, we got caught in a downpour, which made the trail a bit muddy. Not much you can do but pedal to shelter. The shirt never got clean.

Lowell Scenes

Some picturesque scenes from Lowell during last week’s folk festival.

The Erie Canal Today

In the early part of the 20th century, technological improvements allowed the Erie Canal to be rerouted through rivers as it traversed from Lake Erie at Buffalo to the Hudson River to the east. That canal exists today as part of the New York State Canal System. It is a much larger canal than the old Erie Canal and serves mostly recreational boaters and tour boats, though some cargo still flows along the canal. At times, our cycling path met up with the modern canal. Here are a few photos.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Rhode Island

Last weekend, we biked along a rail-trail and then via streets from Woonsocket to Providence, Rhode island (about 36mi or 60km). It was a pretty ride but meant climbing College Hill at Brown University on the way home. This was the view from where we had our lunch.